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Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator  Pittsburgh, PA  Posted: 5/5/2022
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Permanent Full Time

Technical Solutions Inc. is currently seeking a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator for our client, a local consulting engineering firm. 
  • Wastewater collection 
    • Stormwater, condensate, and wastewaters to two Equalization tanks
    • Separate sanitary wastewater collection system
  • Both collections systems are pumped to one or two, square Aeration Basins 
    • The basins are continuous monitored for pH, DO, and temperature
  • Aeration Basins overflow to its own clarifier, equipped with a rake
  • Sludge that settles to the bottom is pumped back to its Aeration Basin using air lifts
  • Sludge is periodically wasted to one of two drying beds
  • Clarified water flows to a pit with pumps that convey the water to two sandfilters
  • Filtered water gravity flows to a sump outside the building equipped with pumps that convey the water to a cooling tower.
  • Cooled water is then discharged to Outfall to measure flow and then continuous pH, Temperature, and DO probes. 
    • The data from these probes is transmitted to a PLC and to a Hach transmitter that uses a cell connection to transmit the data to a Hach website

Job Requirements


  • AS Degree or relevant experience in a wastewater environment
  • Wastewater Operator Certification
  • Willingness to work in a plant environment
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